About Federico

Born in Costa Rica in 1985, Federico began his musical studies when he was two years old. He attended the Costa Rican Youth Symphony Orchestra for five years where he studied choral and clarinet performance with Miriam Acame and Marvin Araya. Soonthereafter, he completed three years of Drum and Vocal Performance at the LAMA affiliate school in Costa Rica under the instruction of Mauricio Gamez. After completing High School he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he majored in Audio Engineering and Music Production. During his time at the Berklee College of Music he worked at the Berklee Performance Center under the supervision of Brad Berger, where as part of the BPC team he completed Live Sound participation in performances with artists sucha as Branford Marsalis, Paula Cole and Jordan Rudess among many others.
In 2007, Federico collaborated extensively with Danilo Perez Foundation and Panama Jazz Festival to promote its cultural and artistic due dilligence. The festival facilitated cultural management coordination and participation with regular artists at the festival such as Wayne Shorter Trio, Marco Pignataro and Chucho Valdes.
During subsequent years, Federico has worked with local musicians to promote the furtherance of American culture in Central America, by emhasizing the promotion and diffusion of Jazz in young talent. He regularly scouts for prospects interested in the Berklee Achievement Scholarship and the Julliard Entering Scholarship auditions.
In 2013, Federico graduated as Costa-Rican Counsel, Summa Cum Laude Probatus. He is a standing member of the Costa Rica Bar Association since 2016 and maintains close professional ties with the Massachusets and California Bars. Federico is a registered Volunteer with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Boston and California Lawyers for the Arts. He constantly searches the furtherance of justice and equality in contracts for Athletes, Artists and Entertainers. He is also a regular writer about topics pertaining player health, promotion and protection.
In 2017, Federico attended Harvard Law School, where he specialised in Alternate Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property Law. He studied under the guidance of Professors Berkman, Fischer, Porcelli and Cohen. He has also participated in Intellectual Property workshops and Negotiation clinics in and matters with professors Hoffman, Stone and Zitrain as pertains.
Presently, his social activism under Cultural Society of Cambridge emphasizes the completion of writing, audio, music, photography and video for the furtherance and promotion of better living standards across the globe.