Freedom: A Historical Perspective Under Washington Within the Context of The American War

By: Fred Jankilevich – Attorney At Law (Federico DaFranca) All Rights Reserved. May 2019 “The bridge looked red as blood, with their killed and wonded, and their red coats.” (Sargeant White J.: Princeton: 1883). The above-cited depiction is the start of a commanding officer’s narration at the Battle of Assunpink Continue Reading

Fracking in North Dakota: Environmental Considerations and EPI In Shale Gas Work

By: Federico DaFranca All Rights Reserved – April 2019 The traditional method of gas mining has existed for several decades. Natural gas is mined and used for electricity generation, heating and transportation of fuel. The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources presents “traditional” mining as the exploitation of oil and gas Continue Reading

Okayama – Chügoku 岡山市

February 2019 Photos By: Federico Jankilevich (DaFranca) Copyright 2019 – All Rights Reserved The following study was photographed during the month of January 2019 and finalised in February 2019. It constitutes an indoor study of exhibited historical art for the prefecture.

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy: The Fourth Amendment and Emerging Traffic Safety Technologies

By: Federico Jankilevich (DaFranca) March 2019 All Rights Reserved 2019 Electronic measurement devices constitute a crucial component of the grid in traffic safety infrastructure. A well-design crossing can determine how many cars are going through a road intersection per unit measurement of time, what speed these vehicles are cruising at, Continue Reading

A Summer in Boston

Copyright – Cultural Society of Cambridge 2018 – All Rights Reserved Thank you to the Producers and Engineers at Hyde Street studios for all their guidance and advise before the Mix. A special thanks to Cesar Chavez for their exceptional patience during Mastering. Most importantly, thanks to the City of Continue Reading